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The Advantages of Using Robots to Clean Your Pool

The Advantages of Using Robots to Clean Your Pool

It used to take a lot of time and effort in the hot sun to manually clean a swimming pool using a brush on a long pole connected to your pool's filtration system. However, automation, robots, and AI have made this process simpler than it once was. Drop a robot pool cleaner into your pool, press a button, and go about your day.

To utilize a contemporary pool cleaning robot, you need to toss it into the water and press a button. Rather than having to run a lengthy hose from the unit to your pool's filtration system, you can just plug it in and let it do its thing. Simply connect the pool cleaner robot's power cable, which floats so it won't get tangled in the water, and set it to work cleaning the pool thoroughly.

Depending on the quality of your pool filter, these robots may clean better than more conventional filtration-based cleaning solutions. Filtering particles as small as 2 microns, Aquabot pool cleaners outperform even the most effective swimming pool filtration systems, such as those using diatomaceous earth.

By decreasing the need for backwashing or changing pool filter cartridges (depending on the type of pool filtration), Aquabots may help you save money. This is because they have a washable microfiltration bag built right in to catch debris before it clogs your filter. Reduce the frequency of pool top-ups and the quantity of chemicals lost during backwashing by limiting the frequency with which you use your filtration system. In comparison to the typical electricity running cost of 5–10 cents per cleaning, this is a significant savings. In fact, over the course of a year, it will be less expensive than employing a professional pool cleaner.

As it vacuums and filters a pool, the Aquabot also generates water circulation with its strong water pump. By propelling the cooler water at the pool's base upwards toward the warmer water at the pool's top, water circulation helps ensure a more uniform temperature across the pool. In two ways, this will help: You'll save money on pool chemicals because the circulation process redistributes chemicals that tend to settle to the pool's bottom.

Microprocessors in combination with several sensors are what make Aquabot pool cleaners so effective. Aquabots' intelligent obstacle identification means that they can start cleaning right away without having to "learn" your pool layout or have you configure it in advance. Cleans pools quickly and effectively on the first try, regardless of the surface material or the pool's unique shape.

If you have an in-ground pool, you can get a model of the Aquabot pool cleaner that can scale walls up to 90 degrees, allowing it to clean the whole pool, from the waterline to the pool's edge. Aquabot's robust back and front motor-powered scrub brushes can loosen and remove both heavy debris and small particles from your pool's floor, walls, waterline, and most steps. Then, they're sucked into the vacuum and caught in a tiny filter bag within.

There are around 20 distinct items available from Aquabot, split between above-ground pool cleaners, in-ground pool cleaners, and commercial pool cleaners. Different Aquabot cleaners have different features and specifications, making some better suited to certain pools than others.

It is possible to recoup the initial investment in a pool cleaning robot in as little as a year, depending on how often you use your pool.

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