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Renovations to the Bathroom

Renovations to the Bathroom

When renovating older-style bathrooms, a number of unwelcome obstacles occur, ranging from deteriorated plumbing flowing into the shower cabin, bath, or sink to water-damaged floor covering. When you start digging around in the bathroom, you never know what you'll come upon. When you take up that old ceramic or vinyl flooring, don't be startled to find out what could be lying under the surface. I recently took a home remodeling tour with a local home construction business since I was about to embark on my own bathroom renovation project and wanted to be certain that nothing was left to chance, especially since I would be performing the majority of the work myself.

With my attention now focused on my current project, the bathroom makeover, I was surprised by what I discovered and immediately learned that if the task is not done right from the beginning, you will wind up spending more money in the repair process. Because the ceramic tile was not correctly installed, extensive water damage happened over time and was in critical need of replacement. Additionally, the mortar was not evenly dispersed throughout the floor boards, resulting in rotten plywood and eventually the necessity to start over from the ground up. If you are not a professional and want guidance on correct installation procedures, local hardware shops often offer weekend seminars on a variety of home improvement tasks to help you get up to speed. From the installation of new shower enclosures, bath panels, or shower cubicles to the removal and replacement of existing shower enclosures, we have everything you need to know for your bathroom remodeling project. Investing a few hours of your time to do it right the first time can pay dividends in the long run. Alternatively, if you want to employ a professional, extensively investigate previous home contracting projects and get recommendations from a variety of sources before making your decision.

To complete your bathroom remodeling, choose a bathroom contractor

If you have friends or family who have had work done by a home contracting business, you should go out and inspect the quality of the job. I recently had the opportunity to tour an older home that had been completely renovated, with the home contracting company taking on the massive undertaking of ripping out and installing new bathroom furniture, a new bathroom suite, and new ceramic flooring. I was impressed by how well the company handled the project. The job was awarded to Pano Sofianos of Home Contracting Ltd., based in Toronto, Canada. Pano has been in the home remodeling industry for many decades and has established a reputation for exceptional workmanship.

Pano Sofianos is a perfectionist who is incredibly careful when it comes to completing the work well. He never takes any chances when it comes to doing the task right. The well-finished bathroom looked like it belonged on the front cover of Better Homes and Gardens. It featured a beautiful corner bath for space conservation, a traditional fixed rain shower head, wall-mounted bathroom storage cabinets, a new bathroom vanity, and earthy-colored ceramic floor tiling, among other features. As soon as the bathroom was finished, it had a professional design that created a quiet environment with subtle differences in wall colors, woodwork, and bathroom cabinets, each of which aesthetically improved the appearance of the bathroom and gave the impression of vastness. It is strongly suggested that in the case of Contracting, you have the chance to see the past work of the company, as I did in the case of Contracting. This will assist you in the selection process based on price and the quality of the job performed.

Sign a contract with the company that will design your bathroom

Consider scrutinizing your home contractor's work under a magnifying glass before signing off on it. Check ceramic tiles for even the smallest cracks or furrows, inspect grouting, caulking around bathtubs, showers, sinks, and any cabinetry, and look for imperfections in the walls. Keep in mind that once your home contractor has left the worksite, it may be difficult to get them back to the house to make repairs. It is also essential to prepare a legally binding contract between the homeowner and the firm you are considering employing for your bathroom remodeling project. Do not sign anything on the dotted line unless you are entirely pleased with the company's work ethics and standards. Perform certain that the business you pick will return to the job site to make any required repairs if anything goes wrong with the bathroom installation. Being a wise consumer will protect your investment in the bathroom installation, from the plumbing to the flooring.

A piece written by Shelley Murphy for the Victoria Plumbing website, an online supplier of bathroom furniture, steam showers, shower enclosures, whirlpool spa tubs, and other bath-related items that serve the United Kingdom.

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